The Mustangs Plus Story

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Mustangs Plus Shop Tour 1981-1997!

       Is it important for you to know something about the company and the people you are dealing with when you buy Mustang parts? Most of our customers agree that they want to build a relationship with one company and feel that they can buy most of their parts from them.
     But they expect something in return for their loyalty. They expect that company to have knowledge of the parts they are selling, to be honest in their dealings, and to be stable enough to still be in business after they've completed their Mustang.
     After all. How good is a guarantee from a company that's out of business? These "Pictures From The Past" will show you how the Mustangs Plus you've come to know came to be!


In 1981, Mustangs Plus was more than a hobby, but less than a business for me. By 1983, when this picture was taken, Mustangs Plus had grown to a double wide office trailer, which was the showroom and offices, and a building we called our "Service Shop" where we worked on Mustangs. No job was too big or too small.  
      This picture shows my Black 1966 T-5 Fastback, the 1965 Black Coupe, and our sales and service staff at the time. From the left is my father, Glenn Bramlett; our secretary, Maria Galoosis; me, Ron Bramlett; parts man Jerry Hutchinson, and mechanics Pat Smith and Jeff  Fuller.  
      Today, my father runs Toys Plus, our die cast and collectibles business.


This picture, showing the Mustangs Plus Service Center building, was taken in 1983. This was an old service station building that was on the property before we bought it. It had a hoist in the right side bay and was rented out to a taxi cab company when we bought the property.  
      After the taxi cab company left, we had another hoist installed in the left side bay, painted the building, and used it to service and repair Mustangs. 


 In late 1983, we built a new shop building onto the old service station building. We now had the room to keep six Mustangs inside and we kept all the stalls full most of the time. At this time, Mustangs Plus didn't turn down any job we could get and did the simplest repair jobs to complete restorations.  
      We worked on little old ladies 6 cylinder coupes as well as Boss 429's! Looking back on this time, it was a lot of fun. But finding good help was always a problem and was a big part of our decision to stop doing work on Mustangs a few years later.


The inside of the old Mustangs Plus Service Center building was cozy, to say the least. A lot of Mustangs were serviced and repaired here and that allowed the business to grow and the new buildings to be built.  

At our peak, we were delivering a restored Mustang to its owner every week! 

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