My "IN ORIGINAL CONDITION" Springtime Yellow ‘66 factory High Performance GT Coupe. I bought this car from the original owner in 1981, and since then have driven it only 2000 miles!

The Black ‘65 Coupe we built in 1982 to help us sell parts. This car was my daily driver for many years until my kids got too big to all fit in the back seat!

I bought this all original ‘70 Boss 302 from the original owner in 1983. It was a low miler and was always garaged. It's the only Mustang on this page that we've sold.

Our ‘65 Grabber Green Fastback was used to develop our Lifetime Suspension Components as well as many other parts over the years. It's still used as a test car and even raced in Green Flag events every year!

This 1965 Mustang was David's daily driver for several years.  In 1990, it was given a face lift as pictured above.  Currently in 2006, it is in the process of receiving another face lift.  Once finished, we'll have a new picture.

In 1991, we built the Grabber Green 904 Coupe for George Galoosis Sr. to take to the track. I looked for a picture of it sitting still but it hardly ever sits still long enough for the camera to capture!

As the Bramlett kids grew up, we had to build Mustangs for them. This one named "Rio Red" belongs to David's older son, Greg.

David's other son, Jeff, owns Big Red, a 351W equipped 1965 Coupe.

Ol' Blue, whom recently underwent a transformation into a track car, belongs to my son, Ron Bramlett, Jr., for some reason all the kids want coupes.
My other son Richard has built himself a drag strip racer! Learn more about the Colt 351 from it's bare bones beginning to it's break neck speeds of today!

The most recent Mustang project to be completed is my father Glenn's 1966 Red Ryder coupe.

In 1995, we completed our 1964½ Retactable Hardtop Mustang. For the full story click here.